Me At A Glance

Breed: Pit Bull

Sex: Male

Age or DOB: approx 4 yo

OK With Dogs: Yes

OK With Cats: Unknown

Spayed/Neutered: yes

Oh Journey , we have recently gotten some updates on Journeys health that we are crushed about.

Journey came to us as a stray after months on the run he was FINALLY caught after many hands cane together to help.

Unfortunately due to his time as a stray he contracted a rare tick borne illness that left him with an autoimmune disorder. Sadly Journey is now a hospice boy.

Things his foster loves about Journey:
✔️ Great on a leash and listens when I tell him to “leave it”
✔️ A+ cuddling
✔️ Super patient when you need to trim his nails or put a harness on
✔️ Ignores his feline foster sisters
✔️ Will shake for treats
✔️ Loves going for a ride and is game for anything
✔️ His dramatic grunts and sighs that tell you EXACTLY what he’s really thinking
✔️ The way he lives each day to its fullest 🥹

We can not stress enough if you get 2 months or 2 years with this boy YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED! He’s awesome and absolutely worth letting into your heart! We believe he would do fine with a sister, as always a meet would be required.