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We were not in the market for a dog as we  already had a 12 year old Black Lab. I was in a restaurant when I saw an article in the paper about how Out of the Pits came to Oneonta with their dogs and set up a kissing booth. I thought that was an awesome article and PR idea.A few days later i was bored and surfing the internet when I decided to search for Out of the Pits online. After reading about the organization I checked out their dogs for adoption. Again, I had no ambition of getting another dog and have never owned a pitbull either. I came across Bentley and his story.  Immediately, he pulled at my heartstrings! I showed my wife and, although she was sympathetic to his story, she was not interested in another dog. Me being stubborn, I emailed Out of the Pits to gather more info on him. After speaking with his foster, Barb, she had told me to check out his facebook page-Help Bentley. After reading his story I felt this dog deserves a chance in life to be spoiled! I talked my wife into doing a meet and greet with him and then a later one with him and our lab.

There was definitely question about whether the 2 males would get along but I figured it was worth a shot to give Bentley that chance. There was no signs of issues between the two dogs and after the second meet my wife fell for him too. “Benny” has lived with us now for almost a year and is our big blind baby! It is amazing how well he adapts being blind. Everyone who visits our house cannot believe he is blind. Since he has lived with us, sooo many people have told me how he has changed their perceptions on pitbulls. Many admit to falling into the stereotype perspective of pitbulls and meeting Benny changed that for them!

He lives with us and our 2 boys and in addition to our 13 year old lab we have a 4 month old Italian Greyhound, who is Benny’s bud and playmate. The Italian Greyhound is my sons dog and they are hilarious when they play together! Benny makes us laugh everyday and he is lovin life to the fullest! This summer he got to go to our camp and swim in the lake for the first time. Being blind he definitely had hesitation about being in the water but he did well swimming around. He often goes to cheer his brothers on in their soccer and track events as well.  After owning him I can honestly say I will always rescue an Out of the Pits Pitbull if given the chance!


I discovered  Out Of The Pits via the Petfinder website. My husband and I had just bought a house and were looking to adopt a “sister” for our Black lab, Ace. We had developed a heart for the PitBull Breed and were totally impressed by OOTP and the responsibility they take in rescuing and re-homing these misunderstood dogs. We visited a few clinics, met the amazing staff, available dogs, and their wonderful “foster parents.” It was then that Joann told us about a little dog that she felt would be the perfect match for us.“Samantha” was found wandering the streets of New York City in horrible condition. She sat in the crowded  NYC shelter for just three days before she was placed on a list to be immediately euthanized. Her guardian angel, Carrie, from OOTP saw her picture on the “To Be Destroyed” list for that very day and decided to take action. She was thin, her face and feet were swollen, she had no hair and her skin cracked and bled at the touch. At only 6 months old she had probably spent most of her life suffering. OOTP pulled her from her death sentence and placed her in the amazing care of Carrie, who worked what seemed like magic and brought Sammy back to life. When we met her, months later, she was a happy, beautiful, shiny, energetic little girl who only wanted to lay in our laps and give us kisses. It was instant love for both me, and my husband.

We brought our girl home May 20th, 2012 and renamed her Dahlia, our little flower. Every day since then she has made us laugh, and has literally snuggled her way into the heart of our family. She and Ace hit it off famously and we know that bringing her home was one of the best things we could have done for him. “D” is just a wonderful girl with a happy, wiggly, personality. Her tail can clear a coffee table in the blink of an eye and is a force to be reckoned with!! She is eager to please and is doing very well with her obedience. We just love her so much and cannot thank OTTP and her guardian angel, her foster mom, Carrie enough for allowing her to be ours.

Thank you OOTP!!! Love, the Quick Family, Calen, Sarah, Ace and Dahlia.


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