If you have pictures of an Out of The Pit’s Adopted dog and would like to submit a picture for this page, please email us with the picture and the dog’s name (and human’s if there are any), and a brief paragraph or two about how your pitbull has changed your life for the better. If your picture is not in a digital format, email the webmaster and we can make other arrangements.


Sasha- Happy Ending

Sasha, Formerly Betsey of “B” litter here. Sasha is such a sweetheart, full of love, snuggles and kisses. The kids absolutely adore her and she is so good with them. Our old man cat is a little unsure, but Sasha does so well with him and all members of the pack, including other family members dogs. Sasha has completed our family in ways we didn’t even expect, and is the perfect fit to our family. We are immensely grateful to Out Of The Pits for the chance to adopt and for all of the work they do to bring animals to their forever homes.

Mabel and Wyatt

Mabel and Wyatt

Here is Mabel (Minden barn pup) and Wyatt who for over a year didn’t get a single application put in for him. They make the best sister/brother combo ever even though they aren’t related. They bring so much joy and comfort to us and a lot of laughs!! Mabel sleeps with her dad and Wyatt sleeps with Mom!! Wyatt is also keeper of the cats…if he sees two playing he thinks they are fighting and splits them up!! We couldn’t imagine life without them. Thank you OOTP for saving them!!

Simone and Rigby

This is Simone and Rigby. They have brought so much joy and love to our family. We are forever grateful to OOTP for rescuing them and preparing them to be the wonderful pets they are today!

Sierra and Titan

This is Sierra and Titan both OOTP alum. I can’t thank OOTP enough for the wonderful dogs I have. I’m so blessed.


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