Me At A Glance

Breed: Pit Bull/Shepherd/Boxer Mix

Sex: Female

Age or DOB: 2 1/2 years old

OK With Dogs: See Bio

OK With Cats: See Bio

Spayed/Neutered: yes

Tula is a spayed 2½ year old doggo who has a lot of love to give, the goofiest smile, and is an absolute bundle of joy. She is a mix of American Pit Bull, German Shepherd Dog, Australian Shepherd, and Boxer. She is a smart girl, who knows many commands (sit, down, high five, release, and spin! being some), and can be endlessly entertained by a game of frisbee or flirt pole. Tula adores her people and is also the biggest snuggler. You will often find her making a den under the covers and getting cozy on the couch after a long day. Tula is housebroken, crate trained, and very motivated by treats, positive attention, and play.

As Tula forms a very close bond with her people, and has a history of resource guarding, she would thrive as the only pet within the home. Ideally, Tula’s forever home would be a calm, predictable place, and an owner that can devote time to continued training to help Tula feel more comfortable when there is something new/uncertain in her surroundings. She would do best in an adult-only home (or one with teenage children that can respect a dog’s boundaries).

As for her medical history, Tula does have a Hooded Vulva with previous cystitis (fixed itself after she was spayed but could make her prone to UTIs). She’s had only 1 since being fixed though. She is up to date on vaccines and preventatives.

Tula comes previously from a very loving home, who is heartbroken to have to re-home her. However, it was hard for Tula to share attention with the rest of her fur siblings and to adjust to the change of a little human joining her pack.

If you are looking for your loyal partner, shadow, and a dog that will always look at you like you are the best person in the entire world, Tula is your girl!