Me At A Glance

Breed: APBT/Husky/Boxer Mix

Sex: Female

Age or DOB: 3/12/2024

OK With Dogs: See Bio

OK With Cats: See Bio

Spayed/Neutered: no

Meet Quinnie, a delightful pup with a heart full of love and playfulness!

Quinnie adores interacting with her humans, showering them with affection and charm. She loves her 2 big canine foster brothers!

Quinnie is making great strides in her training journey; she’s already excelling in crate training and is eagerly learning the ropes of potty training, as long as her foster mom is diligent at taking her outside to potty and paying attention to her cues. Her playful spirit shines brightest when she’s romping around and wrestling with her brother.

One of Quinnie’s favorite pastimes is exploring the outdoors, especially the garden, where her curiosity leads her to discover new sights and smells (a clever way to say she loves to dig 🤣) she would love a home with her own dedicated area for digging. She is tenacious, energetic and smart. She will thrive with continued training  that will engage her mind and body and fulfill her genetic needs.

With her boundless energy and endearing personality, Quinnie is ready to bring joy and laughter to her forever home.