Me At A Glance

Breed: Pit Bull

Sex: Female

Age or DOB: 8 1/2 years

OK With Dogs: Yes

OK With Cats: Yes

Spayed/Neutered: yes

Delilah is a beautiful soul inside and out, so full of love she has never met a person she didn’t like!
From the first time you meet, you can see how much she loves life. She’s got an infectious enthusiasm on walks around the neighborhood, runs, drives long and short, or lounging. She loves a couch, rug, big pillow, or towel, best of all in the sun. The only thing she loves more than being a 60-pound couch potato is when her person joins her!
Unfortunately, Delilah only grew into her cheerful and affectionate ways after a few rough patches. Several years ago, she was found in a basement in New York City. OOTP took her in and named her. She was terrified of everything. On walks she tried to attack the tires of cars and saw everything in the world as a threat because she didn’t know any better.  She was improving in foster care for a few years when we discovered her cancer. It didn’t look like she would make it, so she was moved to “hospice” care. But we underestimated this girl’s tremendous spirit—with a second opinion and diet change, Delilah can be adopted out again! The vet does not think she has a decreased quality of life or life expectancy. She has been with a new foster for a few months and is doing great.
“Experts” agree, Delilah is among the best house-trained dogs. She’s curious to smell everything but without destructive tendencies and comfortable with boundaries. She will give you a kiss or face lick if you give her a chance, but no teeth. She still has skin cancer sores BUT with her diet and lots of belly rubs, they’re looking better than ever.
Delilah still barks at motorcycles or occasionally other dogs on leash sometimes, but we all have barked at something we shouldn’t have in life?
If you think you may want to take a chance on a girl we have been rooting for for years, we would love to hear from you! Delilah deserves nothing more than a loving family home to live out her years with.