Nori- Courtesy Post


*****Courtesy Post*****

Hi, my name is Nori and I traveled very far to come to NY. I was found as a stray on the tiny Hawaiian island of Kauai and the wonderful people at Kauai Humane Society took me in and cared for me.

They even found me an amazing foster mom on the island. However, they told me that I needed surgery on my back legs to help me run, jump and play better, but unfortunately they did not have the resources on the island for my surgery. They were able to help me through a rescue network that agreed to provide my surgery.

I was transferred to Hudson Valley Rescue Sanctuary in Poughkeepsie, NY in 2021 in order to receive my life changing surgery. They tell me I had some poor genetics which caused me to have luxating patellas (not sure what that means, but I trust them). I had grade 4/4 on both of my back legs (also not sure what that means) which made it difficult for me to run properly, jump or be a playful dog, which I very much am! I am so very thankful to the amazing people that love and care for me at the Hudson Valley Rescue and Sanctuary!!!

I have made a full recovery and I have been cleared from surgery, but sadly I am still looking for my forever home. I love it here at the sanctuary, but it’s not the same as having a home of my very own and having my very own human…someone that will train me, play with me, care for me and most of all, love me forever.

I can be described as a fun, lovable, medium size, nubby tailed girl, approx. 3.5 years old, house broken and I love to run and play…and I especially love the water!!!

They tell me I put on a few pounds…what can I say, I am a girl that loves her treats, but I would love a family that can take me on walks so I can watch my girly figure. They also tell me I’m a rough player and any other dog in the home would have to be submissive to my bossy personality. I lived with other submissive dogs in foster care while in Kauai and I loved it!

I’m sorry but I am NOT cat friendly. I need a home without young children because of my energy level and jumpy, playful behavior. I have been waiting and hoping for over a year now that today will be the day that my forever family will walk through that door. I need someone that will be committed to training me…I need something they call consistency in my life.

Sometimes I guard my bed or my toys in my kennel, but I know that you could help me with training. I have only known shelter life for so long…sometimes this can be hard on us doggies. I dream about the day that I will have my forever human in my life. I would make an excellent adventure companion because I love the outdoors and more than anything at the end of the day I will just want to curl up next to you and fall asleep knowing that you will be right by my side.

They tell me my future looks bright with lots of running and playing, at some point in my life I will have something called arthritis in my back legs but with supplements I will live a full and happy life. They have gotten me through what we believe will be the hardest parts of my life and now I just need to find a perfect forever family (or experienced foster) to call my own!

Checkout my YouTube video…
Nori’s Journey – Hawaii to NY: 5,000 Miles of Hope – YouTube
If you are living in the NY area and are interested in meeting me, please contact Sam at today!…or call (845) 392-4849. They can set up a time for us to meet and see if we are a perfect fit! You can also reach out to my very own doggie volunteer, Maria Malm at 838-839-1124 for more information as well!

Adoption Requirements

  • All applicants must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Any children in the home or visiting regularly should be at least 5 years of age.
  • Any current animals in the home must be spayed or neutered.
  • We adopt to locations within a 2 hour radius from the Albany NY area (excluding Canada).
  • We DO NOT ship dogs. It is important to us that you meet a dog prior to adoption.
  • Opposite sex placements only. Exceptions made only when the dog in the adoptive home is a SENIOR for its breed (at our discretion) and the dog being adopted is a puppy.
  • Everyone in the home must be in agreement about adding a new dog to the household.
  • You must own your home to adopt a puppy. If you rent we will ONLY consider an adult placement (over the age of 2).
  • If you rent please verify that your landlord will allow pit bulls (we will check). And renters must have a 1 year rental history at current location.
  • If you own, verify that your home owner’s insurance covers the Pit bull breed (if not, we would be happy to give you the name of companies that do not breed discriminate).
  • Please verify that your community does not have any breed specific legislation.


Breed: Pit Bull
Sex: Female
Spayed/Neutered: Yes