Adopting Mana

Good things come to those who wait.

Mana TT CGC came to Out of the Pits with a litter of puppies more than five years ago. As is so often the case, Mana’s puppies found loving homes relatively quickly, but nobody wanted their devoted mommy. So Mana waited and waited. As the months turned into years, she became a great favorite with the Out of the Pits volunteers, earned her Canine Good Citizenship and then her TT title from the American Temperament Test Society. Mana went everywhere our organization went, but still, she waited.

That long wait finally ended in early June 2005 when Mana moved into the beautiful home and the kind hearts of experienced pit bull owners, Ted and Vi. When we returned to visit our beloved Mana at her new home in the country soon after, we stood with tears in our eyes as our eight-year-old girl pranced about like a puppy with her new housemate, nine-year-old rescued pit bull Poss. We stood astounded as Mana joyously leaped into the beautiful pond on the property and swam out to retrieve a floating stick with all the skill and confidence of a dog born to the water. With acres to play on, and her very own pond to swim in on those hot summer days, our girl has moved into Pit Bull Paradise.

The volunteer staff at Out of the Pits is so ecstatic, we are holding a party in Mana’s honor. We will hold her forever dear in our hearts as a reminder that one should never, ever give up when seeking a home for an “older” dog.