Saving Rosie

It was while seeking a manslaughter suspect in an Albany, NY apartment that police found the devastating spectacle of three skeletal Pit Bulls lying near death in a back room. The apartment was abandoned and nobody knew how long the dogs had lain without food or water–probably three weeks or more. Immediately, the dogs were taken to Central Veterinary Hospital. Although clinic staff there often see abused Pit Bulls, these dogs were beyond the pale. “They were in such bad condition all of us had to take a moment to gain our wits and composure before we could start working on them” remembers Technician Sarah.

They were past starvation. They couldn’t eat. They had no will to live.”

Sarah was especially touched by the plight of the white female that weighed only eighteen pounds and had suffered such a severe blow to the head she began to have seizures just hours after arrival. “We fought for her life, as did she, for three days before she stopped having grand mal seizures” Sarah says. Miraculously, the dog she was now calling Rosie, did stop having seizures and very gradually began to show signs of improvement. As Rosie slowly regained her will to live, Sarah began to fear that she would eventually be taken to the shelter, so she started to consider taking the dog home to foster. Unsure of what she might be getting into, Sarah called Cydney Cross of Out of the Pits for help and advice. “I followed her instructions to a T.” she says. “It worked.”

Rosie, who didn’t maintain her foster status for long, continued to recover and is today an integral member of Sarah’s household which contains two dogs, several cats, several birds and a guinea pig. She participates in obedience and has passed her Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog International tests with flying colors. This remarkable dog who suffered so much herself is now a regular visitor at nursing homes and hospitals.

“When Rosie came to us, she was nearly dead. Now she’s proud and happy. I think she’s the best dog in the world!”

Out of the Pits is happy to report that Milo and Rebecca, the two pit bulls brought in with Rosie, recovered also and each was adopted by Central Vet technicians. Let us take this opportunity to offer our deep gratitude to this veterinary hospital which has taken in countless abandoned, injured and abused Pit Bulls. Veterinarians and staff there provide not only medical care but housing to those abandoned creatures, until a suitable home can be found.