Very Special Stories

What you will discover here, are some amazing and true accounts of people, Pit Bulls in need, and their efforts to help each other. Some of these tales will make you smile– others will infuriate you as you read of abuse and neglect– and some will undoubtedly leave you with a lump in your throat. An important fact to note is that everyone involved embarked upon a personal journey through uncharted territory. Neither man nor animal had any real sense of what lay ahead. Yet, through patience, love, trust and respect, all arrived at their destinations changed for the better.

We will soon add to our collection of tales about ordinary people and dogs becoming extraordinary in their own ways. We will also begin to print some of the many letters that we receive from homes, like yours, that have adopted our dogs. We hope that these stories will educate you to the plight of these noble dogs, and inspire you to help us to help them.

Understandably, not everyone who cares about Pit Bulls can actually adopt– and if that’s you, you can still help. All of our work is performed by volunteers, and supported solely by contributions from generous people like you, and we need your help! Please visit our donations page for more information.

Thank You on behalf of our dogs.

Remembering Van Gogh –  A remarkable dog whose story you won’t soon forget.


Saving Rosie –  Read a touching tale of her miraculous recovery.


Adopting Mana –   Good things come to those who wait.