Family Dogs

As OOTP dogs become stars on the agility field, make therapy visits in nursing homes and hospitals, provide humane education in schools throughout the Northeast and increasingly participate in law enforcement, all of them remain stars in the heart of their families.

As we continue to develop our new website you will find an increasing number of “love letters” written by our adopters whose Pit Bull has brought to their family love and loyalty such as they have never known.

Known originally in England as the “nursemaid’s dog,” the Pit Bull Terrier wants to be right in the heart of your family, wants to sleep with you (if it’s not against the rules), wants to lie at your feet as you work on your computer, wants to “hang out” with the kids, greet their friends, and wait for their return from school.

He or she won’t be a very good watchdog because the typical Pit Bull loves everybody.