Toby – CGC, TDI

Toby is our blue and white teddy bear – he is a soft chiseled love muffin that makes the cutest grunts and moans when he is hugged, kissed and snuggled with. He has a “Big Daddy” persona – our silly, happy peacemaker.

The moment we saw him we thought he was drop dead gorgeous and knew that this boy needed to have some fun and be socialized so he could find his best forever home (little did we know it would be our home). I decided to volunteer to bring him to back to back obedience and agility classes at Crawmer’s Training Facility and brought our 11 year old friend Rainna to help me handle our girl Abby and sir Toby during both classes. Toby was in good hands, boarded at Creekside Kennel while waiting to be adopted.

Such a wild child – he bounced off the walls with excitement whenever he was off on his weekend adventures. He chewed through 1 seatbelt and 1 canvas crate in “I can’t wait!” anticipation during our drives to Crawmer’s, until I finally wised up and brought along a proper crate to transport him in.

At the time- we already had our male and female pitties – Kayto and Abby. I didn’t think it would be wise to bring another male pit bull into the mix. But the news that our beloved Kayto had cancer turned the tide. Bringing Toby into the fold, to do ride-a-longs with Ed in his 18-wheeler, and ease our transition when the inevitable day would come to say goodbye to our Sweet Prince, now made sense. I could go on and on – Toby, Kayto and Abby became fast friends. Toby’s presence comforted our distinguished, gray muzzled Kayto during his final months.

Toby was a natural Therapy Dog from day 1. It didn’t take a genius to figure that out – he was OUR therapy dog. We thought it only fair to share the gift and he was tested and pronounced “TDI”.
What a privilege to share our hearts and home with gentle handsome Toby, and to watch others delight in his antics during TDI events.

Thank-you Out of the Pits for this wonderful ambassador of the breed – our forever friend Toby.

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