Tara – TT, CGC, TDI

Tara was abandoned in a filthy, empty apartment as an eight-month-old pup until a kind soul heard her cries and called for help. She was brought to a boarding kennel where she met board member Suzanne Bunney who took her home to foster. As Suzanne and Tara spent time together, it soon became clear that this beautiful and talented pit bull was home to stay. Tara soon earned her TDI and CGC titles and became a busy ambassador for her breed, happily greeting children in schools and people in nursing homes throughout the Capital District. She is pictured below with the newest member of Suzanne’s family, Reese.

Tara and Reese quickly became best friends, and Reese is already honing his dog training skills and knows how to get “Tawa” to sit, stay and lie down.

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