Piggy “showed up” – literally – in 2000 as a stray on the street in downtown Albany – shortly after the loss of our most beloved dog, Hermie. We humans were in no place to welcome a new dog into our hearts after our recent, enormous loss. But Pig would have none of that… We quickly found Pig’s real “home”, but his person wanted nothing more to do with him. Apparently an uncontrollably friendly, wiggly, wonderful five month-old pit bull was not what that person was looking for.

So the Wiggler came to share a home with his new pack of three other dogs (and a few cats): A lab/shepherd mix, a black lab, and a westie (and those small, furry felines with the sharp nails). A motley crew, for sure, but Pig settled right in. His name, Piggly Wiggly, simply, came from the fact that his hiney never stops moving – and that his nose smacks of that of a pig. A sweetie, for sure.

But what is perhaps best about this magnificent boy’s story is that the face of every person that meets him – a PIT BULL – changes. Softens. Smiles. He is the embodiment of the true nature of the breed. And in his endeavors as a TDI-certified therapy dog, this striped super hero does, in fact, change the world. With his gentle nudge and patented wiggle, this pit bull saves the day. Story by Kathleen Pierce

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