Myka, TT, CGC, TDI

It was in the summer of 2000 that this gentle dog was discovered skeletal, filthy and shivering with fear, on the meridian of a six lane highway by a veterinary technician while driving to work. Somehow, the vet tech managed to pull over amid rushing cars and lead the terrified two-year old across three lanes of traffic to the safety of her Bronco. Because there was nowhere to put him, Myka lived in that Bronco for three days. Then when Mary Allen of Out of the Pits was finally able to pick him up to take him to our rescue kennel. she made the mistake of stopping home and taking him into her house for a moment or two.

Myka, now ten years old, still loves the couch he crawled onto that day but he has come down to perform his therapy dog work in schools, hospitals and nursing homes many times in the past eight years.

Although pit bulls are known for their enthusiasm and high energy level, we always say that Myka “didn’t read the book’ for he is one of the most laid-back, easygoing dogs that has ever entered our program. But he still embodies the people-loving nature and complete trust of everybody – that pit bull magic – which has endeared OOTP therapy dogs to people of all ages throughout the Northeast.

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