Kaylee – CGC, TDI

Kaylee looks truly contented tonight. Exhausted and contented. I believe she is basking in the glory of passing her TDI test today. She is lying at my feet and as I write this I imagine her dreaming of what a full life she has and how far she has come. Learning she was several days beyond her death row sentence we decided to take Kaylee home to be our first “foster”, but as luck would have it she quickly let us know that her forever home remained right here. She was given a second chance because the staff at Glens Falls Hospital (thank-you Jessica!) took special interest in her placement.

Like too many dogs she was dropped off by the animal control officer – found wandering with no one to claim her. She joined us with some unexpected surprises – ringworm, pinworm, bilateral nephritis to name a few. She was somewhat shy, but also seemed hungry for affection.

In less than a year Kaylee has truly found her comfort zone. She is reassured that she is surrounded by an abundance of love and now trusts that she is safe and people are good. This girl savors every scent, taste and sensation she encounters (with the exception of vacuum cleaners and lawnmowers). As I watch her sleep and listen to her contented sighs I can’t help but notice how still her tail is… in marked contrast to when she is awake and just a look or whisper sends it wagging furiously with great abandon and delight. Perhaps she is dreaming of today’s events and what a good job she did.

I doubt she takes for granted the simplest blessings in her life – running, walking, playing, being tickled or kissed by her humans. This girl is good therapy to those of us who love her. Now, officially TDI certified, I imagine she is dreaming of how many more people she can calm/charm with her gentleness, good humor, and sweet disposition. Sweet dreams Kaylee – wishing you many more hearts to touch in your new TDI role.

Gisele and Ed
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