Helen of Troy – CGC, TDInc.

We adopted Helen of Troy in February 2009 after a period of mourning our first pit bull Honeydew.

Helen of Troy is a small deaf pit bull who enjoyed the benefit of three rescues pulling together to help this special sweet girl. She was brought to Project Drumm at Troy Vet by animal control and from there the wonderful Barb Nizenkirk brought her home temporarily where she played happily with Barb’s menagerie.

From there Out of the Pits found her a spot at Animal Farm Foundation where she stayed until we adopted her. All along the way, Helen touched everyone’s heart due to her super sweet personality.

Helen got her CGC in June 2009 and has gone through three levels of obedience training at Mahogany Ridge. She has started basic agility training with Bonnie Murphy at MR and is really taking to it!!

Her big brother Chester may have some in-house competition on the agility field soon! But her main attribute is her happy go lucky spirit and her love of all. Now Helen will have a chance to give a little of her sweetness back as she passed her therapy dog evaluation conducted by Therapy Dog Inc. on April 30, 2010. We will keep everyone posted on her progress.



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