Hannah/Annie – TT, CGC, TDI

This beautiful chocolate and white dog had lived with board member Bonnie Kelleher for only a few short days before Bonnie realized that she had a truly special dog. Like Pit Bulls everywhere, Annie had that special love of life but she also had a charisma and presence that touched everyone she met so it wasn’t long before she had earned her Therapy Dog International title.

Almost immediately Annie was out and about with Bonnie visiting schools where she is always a BIG hit with students.

She’s also a great favorite in nursing homes throughout the Capital District. Likely to show up in costume whenever she can, Annie is one of our most popular and active therapy dogs. Based on her huge number of visits she was recently awarded the TDIA title by Therapy Dog International. In addition to her ongoing and extensive therapy work Annie can also be found participating in local “Children Reading to Dogs” programs in area library summer programs.

Over the Rainbow bridge-July 5, 2009, until we met again, our “angel in a dog costume”.

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