Grace – TT, TDI, CGC

This courageous girl had been tied to a tow chain and forced to mother several litters of puppies in deplorable conditions when she was picked up in a drug raid in Newburgh, NY in 2006. Riddled with heartworm, suffering from curable but untreated cancer, a torn-off ear and chronic ear infections Grace suffered a lot even after being rescued by police. At first nobody could adopt her because she was being held as a cruelty case. Then nobody seemed to want the courageous survivor whose scarred body and ragged ear bore testimony to all that she had suffered.

For two years, Grace was moved from shelter to shelter and she barely escaped euthanasia each time. Even though nobody seemed to want to adopt the pathetic little dog with a broken ear and crooked legs, volunteers always seemed to see something special in Grace. One particular volunteer actually spent her evenings with her sipping wine and feeding her treats. Finally at a Dutchess County, NY shelter she came to the attention of Merle Borenstein, owner of Kingston’s Armadillo Restaurant and champion of pit bulls and homeless dogs everywhere. Recognizing Grace’s pathetic plight, Merle called OOTP president Cyd Cross.

It wasn’t long before Cyd realized that she had found just the right dog to follow in the footsteps of her beloved Alex, Out of the Pits’ very first therapy dog . In spite of all that she had suffered, Grace loved everybody and she brightened the day with her comical ways. Within a short time she had finished obedience at the top of her class and when it came time for testing for Therapy Dog International, and Canine Good Citizen titles, Grace breezed right through.

Today this courageous survivor is enchanting people in nursing homes and entertaining children in schools just as Alexis, her predecessor did. And she and Cyd have already made their mark for the breed with a feature on ESPN and several other TV programs. Watch for her story to be featured in Elise Lufkin’s upcoming book on service dogs.

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