Cali – CGC, TDI

This plucky little dog was picked up on the streets of Hudson, NY after having been forced to birth a litter. She then was abandoned by the local drug dealer who owned her. Once adopted by Out of the Pits member Mary Allen, Cali, who is completely deaf, quickly learned many American Sign Language signals and soon qualified as a certified therapy dog. Owning a deaf dog is almost a “spiritual experience” according to Mary who says that she’s still in awe of the many ways she and Cali can communicate without words.

And when she’s not out there doing her thing in schools and hospitals, Cali has begun to pursue a second career as a model on behalf of her breed. Here she is on New York’s Upper West Side, posing for the dust jacket of “The New Yorkers” the tale of Beatrice, a beloved white pit bull who shows us that living in this dog-loving city with a dog like her is like living in a tiny village that has a rhythm all its own.

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