Please consider becoming a foster parent for one of our dogs in need. Our foster homes are essential to our mission of rescuing Pit Bulls.

Without a network of wonderful foster homes we couldn’t take in a fraction of the dogs we are able to help. Foster homes are the backbone of rescue!

The foster family cares for the dog (or puppy) until an amazing adoptive home can be found. It is a wonderful experience, and following the progress of your foster dog after they have been adopted can be incredibly rewarding. You come away knowing you have made a significant difference in the life of the dog. Potentially the difference between life and death.   People often say they can’t foster because it would be to hard to give a dog up. And we ask how that can be any harder than knowing a dog died because no one stepped up to help.

Out of The Pits pays for veterinary care, any necessary grooming, flea treatment and heartworm medication for the foster dog in your care. All you need to provide is a place in your home and hearts. Fostering can actually be a wonderful way to experience the love of a dog without the lifetime commitment.

Join Out of The Pits Team of Foster Homes to share the truly rewarding experience. We are here to support you, to help you and offer guidance through whatever questions or concerns may arise. If you have additional questions or would like to volunteer to be a Foster Home, please contact our Foster Home Coordinator at  or complete our Foster Application and we will contact you within 24 hours.