Zoey is absolutely gorgeous and have an amazing personality as well.

Zoey is a super lovebug.   She is an energetic but lazy girl who LOVES to do her zoomies around the yard and then just hang out and sunbathe.   If you are in the kitchen she will be in the middle of the floor sprawled supervising.   If you aren’t feeling well she will be your 75 pound blanket.  Personal space isn’t a concept she seems to understand or care about, where her people are she shall be touching them.
Zoey loves to be patted on her belly & chest.   Belly rubs are cool but she absolutely loves to be patted.   She absolutely loves to give kisses, so if you want to be Zoey’s new family you will have to love getting tons of love from this girl.   She is a champion cuddler on top of everything else!
Zoey loves to watch the tv show So Cute on Animal Planet and she really stares at the TV with interest.  Talk about miss personality!   Her favorite toys is a moose antler and she absolutely loves any plastic toys that crink
She loves to sit next to you while you are eating waiting for you to share some of the goodness.   If you aren’t careful while cooking or baking, she is happy to pick up for whatever falls.   Zoey will pretty much eat anything.
She is also very smart.  She know some basic commands such as SIT, PAW, DOWN, COME, LEAVE IT and STAY (stay is a work in progress).   When she comes in from outside she also knows to give paws so her feet can be wiped clean.
Zoey is housebroken and crate trained.  She actually enjoys her crate.   She currently lives with a male dog but would do best in a home with no kitties.   Who ever adopts this beauty will be so blessed.


4 years old