Wouldn’t it be wonderful to go through life viewing imperfection as a gift?  Who wants to be just like everyone else anyway?  Well Zoey certainly was born unlike most dogs.  But she definitely doesn’t view her life as having any less opportunity than the next dog.

Sweet and beautiful Zoey came to us as a pup and it was clear from the start that she was unique.  X-rays revealed that she was born with a spinal deformity.  Thankfully this has given her only limited impairment.  She will run and play like any other dog, but with a bit of an odd gate.  And yes, she occasionally will be off balance and fall over but it doesn’t stop her.  Zoey has no idea she is different than any other dogs.

Zoey recently returned to our care and she is looking for her forever family.  She would be fine with a male doggy friend as long as he was gentle and not too rough with his play.  She is a happy girl in her interactions with other dogs.   A home without small children would be best just given her slight mobility challenges.  If she did happen to lose her balance we wouldn’t want her knocking a small child over.  We can try to cat test upon request.

She is housebroken and crate trained, although she is fine when left alone without the use of a crate.  Zoey is happy and outgoing and just an absolutely love bug!  To meet her is to love her.

** Zoey’s adoption fee has been sponsored by a volunteer **


4 years old