Our sweet and wonderful Violet is looking for what we might call a retirement home.  We will stop short of calling it a hospice placement as she doesn’t have a terminal illness, but she is well into her senior years and has slowed down considerably.  That along with a few breathing issues from a damaged trachea when she was a young girl and it is becoming evident that she has reached her golden years.  No one knows for sure how long the world will remain graced by her presence, but we do know for sure that it should be spent in a wonderful home, surrounded by people who love her.

You see, sweet Violet has actually been with our rescue for many years.  Despite her wonderful demeanor she is what we would consider a hard placement because she couldn’t be placed with another dog.  And even when someone has absolutely no plans to get a second dog, they always seem to shy away from dogs that have to be only dogs in a home.

So we have kept Violet in our care for many many years, allowing her to be the queen of our kennel.  But a senior dog like Vi really needs a home of her own to live out her remaining time whether it be months or years.  She deserves a couch on which to lounge with her people, to lay her head in their lap while they stroke her fur.  For someone to give her kisses before bed every night and maybe even the privilege of snuggling in bed with them on cold nights.

At her advanced age, Violet doesn’t require much.  She doesn’t need long walks as you can tell from her portly figure.  Although she might enjoy a light exercise regime if you do!   She is completely housebroken and crate trained (or good in the house when left alone).  Violet is incredibly loving and devoted and she would be so grateful for the chance to be your companion for her remaining time.

It breaks our heart to think of how long Violet has spent without the love of a family.  It is what every dog deserves and it is what we all hope and pray that Violet finds.

** Adoption fee has been paid by the volunteers who love Violet **

These photos are from a few years ago when Violet was a bit younger and trimmer 🙂



10 years old