Gorgeous!  That nose, seriously, nothing is more adorable than a pink and black nose.  And that gorgeous silvery blue coloring and that wide pitty smile.  Combined they sure do make one stunning, goofy, lovable dog!

Vinny is just over 4 years old and about 60 pounds.  He is a strong boy and he has a big meat head like an American Bully.  The kind you just love to mush in your hands and smother with kisses.  Such a love bug, Vinny just loves it!

He did well in playgroup with other dogs and could likely be placed with a friendly female dog.  In fact, he is in a foster with a female dog and they get along great!  He was cat tested and has way too much interest to be placed with cats.

This handsome hunk is housebroken and crate trained.  He rides beautifully in the car, just hanging out in the passenger seat.  Vinny is also a great companion for hanging on the couch at night.  He loves nothing more than to put his head in your lap and snuggle.  Belly rubs are a personal favorite as are cheeseburgers from McDonalds.

Vinny would truly enjoy the family life where he can hang with his people and just be the great companion that he is!

** Adoption fee $200 **




4 years old