Tommy – Adopted!

Just when we thought we had seen it all….We have a dog that is allergic to cats!  Yup, you read that right.  Tommy is allergic to cats.  But we think that he would be ok in a home with a kitty as long as he stayed on his allergy medication.

Tommy is a handsome and happy boy who came to us after he was hit by a car and taken to the local humane society. Despite efforts to save his leg, the damage was so severe that he had to have his back leg amputated.   Despite now missing a leg, he gets around incredibly well.  Stairs can sometimes be a challenge, but overall he doesn’t even act like he lost a leg.  Dogs tend to be pretty resilient I that manner.  Unlike people, dogs don’t focus on what they don’t have.  They move on and live life in the moment. 

Tommy absolutely loves to meet new people and when out & about he will happily greet everyone in sight.   Napping is his second favorite pastime, so if you are looking for a lap warmer while on the couch binging Netflix then he just might be your ideal partner!  When it is time for bed he prefers to sleep with his human in a proper bed.  Yes, we won’t lie, he can sometimes be a bed hog! But he really does enjoy his lazy mornings in bed with his person.

He loves to sleep in his crate, but one great thing is he can be left at home uncrated without fear that he will chew something he shouldn’t.  In fact his foster mom works full time and he is alone for over 8 hours each day with no issues at all.  He watches out the window as she leaves in the morning and watches excitedly as she returns at night.  Just a super easy going boy!

Tommy enjoys being outside and he stays busy keeping his yard in check with regular perimeter walks & a lot of sniffing.  He definitely leads with his nose finding that there is always something of interest to sniff.  He loves his bones and chewy toys.   He has a moderate energy level that would be ideal for most home, in fact he tends to tire out pretty easy.  Tommy isn’t a big barker but will bark to let his humans know that he sees or hears something amiss.

He is a shadow that loves to follow his foster mom all around the house.  Likely just so he is handy in case she has the overwhelming desire to pet him, which has to be his FAVORITE thing in the world!  He will just melt into it and work you for every bit of love you have to give.  Just a total mush!

** Tommy’s adoption fee has been sponsored by a volunteer that loves him **


3 years old