Tommy is a happy boy who came to us after he was hit by a car and taken to the local humane society.    The damage was so sever that he had to have his back leg amputated.    But now he is on the mend & ready to find his new forever home.
Despite now missing a back leg, Tommy gets around incredibly well.  In fact he doesn’t even act like he lost a leg.   Tommy likes people & when out & about he will happily greet everyone in sight. 
Tommy loves to nap and even loves to sleep in his crate, but of course he prefers to sleep with his human in a proper bed at night. He enjoys being with his foster mom & and he loves to stick close, either napping near by or laying & watching you in the same room.    He enjoys being outside and he stays busy keeping his yard in check with regular perimeter walks & a lot of sniffing.  He definitely leads with his nose finding that there is always something of interest to sniff.
Tommy isn’t a big barker but will bark to let his humans know that he sees or hears something amiss.   He is only 2.5 weeks (as of July 29th) post his surgery so his foster is still getting to know him & what he likes but so far Tommy isn’t into chewing bones or bully sticks.   And one great thing is he can be left at home without fear that he will chew something he shouldn’t.
He is currently in a foster with cats but he will chase them if given the chance so a home without cats would be best or a home where he & cats can always be separated.   So far it appears that Tommy may need to be an only dog but we continue to learn more as he spends more time out & about now that he’s healed from surgery.  He is now allowed to go for walks so the more he is out the more his personality will come out.



2-1/2 years old