Handsome Tobey lost his sight and eyes due to a condition called glaucoma. His comfort level wasnt able to be controlled with medications, so now he is more comfortable than ever without them! And he sure doesn’t let his lack of vision get him down.

This adorable cow marked boy is a happy guy who manages to get around quite well, even in her environments.  He gets along well with other dogs and does well in his crate.   He loves to be outside and walks well on a leash.  One of his favorite past times is receiving his but rubs.  Tobey is in a foster home with a female dog.  This is what his foster mom has to say after a few days with this sweet boy.

The #1 thing people should know about Tobey is that being blind has done nothing to dampen his spirit. He is a goofy, playful boy with lots of love to give.

Now that Tobey has an understanding of the layout of our house he is doing well with no accidents (2 days and counting).
He is so good at getting around!   And if he is going somewhere where he could fall or run into something and I say “easy” or “careful” he will slow down or change direction to avoid it.

He always comes when you call him. I f I run inside for a second he will stay right by the back door until I return.
He definitely enjoys being outside.   He likes his foster sister Staley, at times a little too much.  If she is laying down, he will try to hump her, but she tells him the business and he backs off.   And of course she can move and with him being blind she can evade him pretty easily.  Maybe eventually he will get the hint?   But I think if he goes to a home with a dog it would have to be a female dog with a strong enough personality to tell him to back off.   

I do not think he NEEDS another dog around.  Tobey can keep himself entertained very easily.  He follows me everywhere.  And will choose me over Staley if given the choice.    He will need to have an active family.  More actice then I ever thought a 3.5 year old blind boy would need!   This boy has energy to burn.   He loves walks and exploring the back yard. 

He loves food.  And has been doing well in his crate (after I put a comfy bed in it…this guy is something else).   His favorite toys are the kind with squeakers and no stuffing.   With that being said he has been known to try and chew on a blanket or 2.
I haven’t officially cat tested him yet, but I’ve seen him catch a whiff of a bunny and a squirrel and he was ready to take off!   Now would he ever be able to catch a cat or a bunny or a squirrel?   I don’t think so.   But, he’s not going to be hanging out in the same room as one like bff’s.   I’ll keep you posted when I do test them.   (My cats usually hang out upstairs and he hasn’t gone up there yet. It’s too many steps for him.)

He likes car rides, but gets nervous getting in and out of the car (as you can imagine being blind).   Once he’s in he’s fine and he prefers to be loose in the car vs being in a travel crate.

Tobey is a little nervous when meeting guys for the first time.   He will lower himself and try to back away.   It took him a day or 2 to get use to Mark (his foster dad), but now he’s totally fine with him.


Pit Bull Terrier Mix
3.5 years