What a hunk!   This stunner is a low-rider with a super muscular and compact body while weighing in at only about 55#.  Seriously just exactly what the perfect pitbull looks like.

Here is what his foster mom said about him:

“Teddy is as cute as they come!  He is tiny, with the top of his head barely reaching my knee, and has the most adorable little underbite.  His fur is velvety soft.

Teddy settles down nicely in his crate and rides well in the car, but you may have to help him in because his legs are so little (awe).  He loves being outside and will happily chase toys and sticks around. He knows when he sees the leash that it’s time for a walk, and he walks well on it too.

Teddy would love a forever home where he can play fetch, and a nice dog bed to snooze on.  Some new bones to chew on couldn’t hurt either…I mean who can resist those “frog legs” when he lays down to chew on his toys!?

He would do well in a home with a dog savvy cat, and would also be fine with a friendly female dog.”






2 years old