Starla is a adorable and surprisingly tiny at just about 40 pounds.   She is great with other dogs and really enjoys her play dates with her foster family’s “grand pups”.  While there is a cat in her foster home, she would definitely chase if given the chance so a kitty free home would be best for her.

Starla sleeps in her crate at night, which is fine because her fosters are retired and home all day.  But she would certainly be happy to share a bed with her new family as she did while spending a vacation with her aunt and uncle (they definitely spoiled her).  But she would be equally happy to sleep on a dog bed on your bedroom floor or even on your couch. She really is pretty “go with the flow”.

During the day if her foster mom and dad go out she is perfect without the need to be crated.   She waits patiently in the kitchen, passing the time with toys, bones or her Kong filled with peanut butter (absolutely her favorite!)

Starla is very smart and she is currently enrolled in a CGC class (Canine Good Citizen).  In this class dogs learn basic obedience skills such as “Sit, Stay, Down, Leave it, Etc” and they are tested on these skills at the end of the 8 weeks of classes.  

She is super affectionate and loves everyone that she meets.  The word stranger isn’t even in Starla’s vocabulary because the moment she meets someone she wants to be their best friend.  In the evening she splits her time between snuggling on the couch with her foster mom or lying on her dog bed next to the couch, chewing on a big bone from the butcher.  She can really keep herself busy for hours with a big bone. And while she likes her rubber pretzel and her squeaky snake, the bones remain her favorite

As much as Starla loves her quiet time, she also enjoys being active.  She walks 2-3 miles a day with her foster mom (she is great on leash). And she really enjoys playing with her doggy friends, racing around the yard so fast while they try to catch her.  She can run under, over and around things so easily (likely because of her size) and she can turn and stop on a dime, so she would likely do great with agility classes.

Starla’s foster family love taking her out and about town.  She goes to the park, visiting with foster family’s friends, going to restaurants that have outdoor seating and stopping for an occasional ice cream.  She seems extra proud when all the nice people compliment how well behaved and pretty she is.

While we wouldn’t call Starla goofy, she really is a great deal of fun!  She likes to play tug, hide and seek and she especially loves to have someone chase her.  She has spent time around the grandkids (ages 6-10) and is very well behaved so a home with kids would be fine.

Starla loves to ride in the car and look out the window.  If she had her way she would sit in the front seat each and every time, even if the seat was occupied by a human.  But since it wouldn’t be a great idea to travel with a 40# pitbull on your lap they do their best to make sure she stays in the back seat for the car rides she loves so much.

Starla’s day usually begins around 8am, but she is fine if her foster mom wants to sleep in.  She is completely housebroken. She eats NutriSource kibble and is trained to sit and stay while the food bowl is being put down and she is given the command that it is OK to eat.

Starla is truly a delightful dog and if it wasn’t for the cat in the foster home she would be staying right where she is.  Don’t miss out on such a great pup!


Pit Bull / Border Collie Mix
1-2 years old