Beauty and personality!  Sophie is such a sweet and incredibly loving girl.  When she arrived in rescue she was pregnant and so scared because she simply didn’t know what happened to her.  Her “family” dumped her at an overcrowded shelter and of course that was just terrifying for her as you can just imagine.  Such a vulnerable time for any dog!

Sophie would likely do well with a doggy brother and she cat tested very well so could likely be placed with a dog savvy cat.

It became apparent pretty quickly that Sophie is just a kind, gentle and shy girl.  And she has done so well growing and coming out of her shell.  As with any sensitive dog, we will look for a loving home that is patient and will give her the time she needs to show her most outgoing self.  Once settled in the home with her people we have no doubt she will be the goofy and playful pup she is in her foster home.  She has even advanced to being relaxed around the new people that come into her house, which is a huge improvement from when she first arrived.  But she is still a bit apprehensive when going out into the big wide world.

At about 2 years old Sophie is still very young and energetic.  She loves to collect all her toys around her but in reality she only likes to play with a couple of them.  They must give her a sense of security.  Or maybe she didn’t have any before arriving in rescue.  I guess we will never know.

It is fun to watch her get the zoomies from time to time.  Her ears get pinned back on her head and her wiggly nub goes a mile a minute.  To see joy in her is such a wonderful thing!   No worries about energy, she really enjoys lots of time relaxing also.

Sophie loves nothing better than invading your personal space but it is so endearing that she wants to be as close as she can to you and how excited she is to see you.  And belly rubs?  She will jump on the couch and just flop right over for belly rubs!  If you appreciate a dog that lets you know how much they love you then you might have found the perfect match!



2 years old