This little cutie is pocket size!   She is in a wonderful foster home who fell in love and were planning to adopt her…but unfortunately there were issues preventing it and they can’t adopt.  Her foster mom is heartbroken, which just goes to show what a special girl this is.

Here is what her foster mom has to day about Silver:   “Silver is an incredibly sweet, beautiful, snuggly, smart, energetic little bundle of a pittie girl. She weighs about 45-50lbs but she’s low to the ground so she seems much smaller.

She is eager to please, loves people, running and playing with toys.  I’ve taught her leash manners (to not pull, chase after squirrels or get too distracted) using a great harness by Two Hounds and positive reinforcement. I’ll leave the harness with her so she can have it in her forever home.  She always looks to me on walks to let her know what to do.

Silver bonds very quickly and will be your wiggly lap dog who wants belly rubs all the time. She still needs work with being on leash around other dog. Sometimes she’s calm and others, not so much. I do think her willingness to please and the fact that she really is very smart will work in your/her favor for training. She does need people who are active, she has lots of energy.  She is a joy to take on runs, long hikes, and outdoor adventures.   She likes riding in the car and playing catch with a nice squishy ball. I have loved being her foster Mom. She is one special girl!”

Silver is housebroken and crate trained.  While she has lived with a male dog (in fact she was the mom to the pitbull/springer pups and lived with the male Springer prior to coming into rescue), and could likely live with one after long and proper introductions, but she might be better placed in a home as the only dog.  We will cat test upon request.

** Adoption fee – $150 **



1-2 years old