If you remember the terrible hurricane Maria that devastated Puerto Rico last year than you might have some idea of the hell that Sabine went through while living on the streets alone.  But thankfully she just arrived in rescue and is so happy to be here!

At 3 years old and 67 pounds she is past all that crazy puppy stuff and she is now into the stage in her life where dogs are just pure enjoyment.   Sabine absolutely loves everyone she meets and is particularly fond of anyone who will give her belly rubs.  She was the hit of a recent clinic where she won everyone over.  She is very mild and gentle natured.

Sabine would be good with a friendly male dog.  In fact, she was found with Kahili/Snow who we took in and placed just a few months ago.  Now it is her turn for a family of her own.

** Adoption fee $150 **




3 years old