If you are looking for an easy pup, one who is past the point of waking you up at night to go potty, one who is crate trained, housebroken, has a mild and sweet energy, then Rusty is a great option.  This sweet boy was born 1/23 and just recently arrived in rescue.

Here is what Rusty’s foster mom says about him:  “I can’t say enough good stuff about Rusty.  He is all around an easy and appropriate boy. He wakes up, yawns and stretches then goes outside to do his business and come back inside. When he comes inside he sits and patiently waits next to his bowls to be feed.

After feeding he has a few hours of playtime with his foster sister. He is crated trained and housebroken. He enjoys a good snuggle with his humans. He is an appropriate boy when meeting new dog friends and gets along great others. He gets excited when meeting new human friends. He is a submissive boy with a moderate amount of energy. He will settle down after some exercise. He knows sit and comes when called and he is catching on to other commands.

I have no reservations with leaving him alone while in another room for brief periods of time. I know he will either be laying on the couch or chewing on a toy. Again he is a very good boy.”


5-1/2 months old