Roslyn (aka Rosie) is 55 pounds of solid, lovable mush.   Her coat is like velvet and her heart is just as soft.   She is energetic and loves playing with the other pups in her foster home.  She was a lucky girl scoring an amazing foster home at the Vadney farm with multiple dogs and all sorts of farm animals.  When she helps with the chores, she shows a lot of interest in the bunnies, but has almost stopped trying to pick their lock to get in!   She is great with the dogs but would do best in a kitty and bunny free home.

Rosie loves laying next to you while you watch TV, sometimes she will grab a toy, climb up next to you and use it for a pillow.  Her favorite place is anywhere you are.  As I type this up, she is under the desk snoozing behind me!  When not laying around with her people, she can often be seen banking off the furniture in some outrageous game of tag, sometimes with a canine accomplice and sometimes not!

Rosie loves everyone she meets and the more the merrier!   She is crate trained and house trained. She knows sit, down, wait and watch.  She is a fun loving little goofball!!    ** Adoption fee $200 **


10-11 months old