If cuddling was an Olympic sport then Rook would bring home all the gold.   When he is not cuddling he is off having fun.  He is curious about everything and must be involved in whatever you are doing. His housebreaking is going great. Rook is as smart as a whip and very willing to learn.  Fun Fact: He’s very ticklish!

Rook is super sweet and loves to play.  He will entertain himself with balls & other toys as well as play with his people with his toys. If he’s not playing then he’s probably with his people, either napping & cuddling or walking/sitting right next to you.

Rook does well in his crate, no potty accidents & as long as you pay attention to his pacing he won’t have accidents in the house. He loves to meet new people, with wag of his tail & sometimes a bark with it if he’s unsure but always happy to greet people. And he really loves kids!

He rides in the car very well, sometimes he’s a little afraid to get in but he will make a great co-pilot with any car ride.

Rook walks on his leash well but just like any puppy he could use a little direction as he weaves back & forth with you. He is always ready with a kiss & a greeting for his people. Overall he is a sweet, fun & loving pup who would make someone a very happy human.  He is currently in a home with 4 dogs and children.



3-1/2 months (DOB 5/28/2019)