Raven is a southern belle who is a really happy sweet girl looking to experience something she’s never known before….a patient & loving home to call her own.

Raven is starting to learn what it’s like to be in a home & while it’s taking a little time for her to adjust she’s been doing so with a smile & a constant tail wag. She is always happy to greet people & ready to play.

She is learning what it’s like to walk on a leash.
Raven is obsessed with squeaky toys, her eyes get so big when she hears the squeak & then it’s game on as to how fast she can shred the toy.

Raven rides in the car well, in a crate or just in the backseat & does really well in her crate, settling down nice.

Raven needs some convincing to venture outside, which will be easier in the nicer weather, but she is curious about everything once she’s out.

Raven appears to do well in proximity to other dogs & may do well with a male dog to play with. Raven would do best in a home without cats.
Raven would also do well with a family/person who is willing to give her the time to adjust to being in a living home because once she does she’ll be a wonderful dog to have forever.


2.5-3 years old