Randy is a happy go lucky young man who just loves to play and explore!  He absolutely loves the company of other dogs and will play for hours so he would truly enjoy a canine sister!   He is a fun loving boy who enjoys his time both inside and out. He enjoys going for walks and isn’t afraid to be a boy and take a romp in the mud.   A very sweet young boy, he loves to give kisses and be wherever his people are.

Randy is super smart and the nice thing is that he is food motivated which make training pretty easy.  He knows how to sit and sits at doorways when asked.

He just loves car rides.  He sits politely on the backseat and looks out the window, excited to be going somewhere new. He is very easy to take anywhere and we make it a point to go to places that are dog friendly just so we can take him.   When we go to Home Depot and Tractor Supply Randy trots down the aisle right by my side looking for new friends or new toys.
At night Randy usually falls asleep with his foster mom in bed for a few hours (he is a great snuggler!).    Then when it’s time for his foster dad to go come to bed he walks downstairs and right into his crate where he will sleep quietly until it’s time to wake up.  In his forever home he would be happy to sleep where ever you prefer!
Randy loves playing with his foster sister.   He is wonderful because he is very respectful and generally leaves her alone, only occasionally initiating play by nibbling her ears.   If she isn’t interested, he walks away to find a toy instead.  But when she is ready to play, Randy is always up for it!   They love to wrestle, run, chew sticks and play tug of war.   He accepts her corrections beautifully and enjoys trotting around the yard and going on walks together.   He follows her lead, making sure to sniff whatever she sniffs.  He really is a dream when it comes to other dogs!  A kitty free home would be best.
Randy is goofy and fun, interested in everything going on around him and making sure he’s part of the action.  He likes to be right by your side keeping you company.   He has a medium energy level, and gets tired pretty easily on walks or when he’s running around.   He usually falls asleep on the couch with us later in the evening.
Chew toys are Randy’s favorite!   He loves rubbery toys, bully sticks, benebones, nylabones and sticks.   He trots around the yard with a long knotted rope, and rolls around on the carpet with his stuffed animals.   He loves to chase down balls, but knows his sister is faster so he usually lets her win.
We use the sensation harness and Randy walks incredibly well.   We take a walk each morning and night when the weather is good.   He stays right by your side, and even though he wants to greet people, he won’t pull too hard.   He knows his human is in charge and will be sure to follow where they walk instead of trying to lead.
Randy’s foster mom says he is “the best crate trained foster I’ve had out of the past 10!”   He walks into the crate on his own, waits in there for his meals, and will sleep quietly for an 8 hour work day with no issue. We have a camera to check in, and he’s always curled up on his blanket sound asleep, or sitting quietly, yawning and listening.  He never barks.  He will happily take breaks in the crate while we are home.  We also use baby gates to separate our dogs during meals, and Randy does not try and knock them over- he waits patiently in the kitchen until his sister is done eating.
Randy is housebroken!   He adjusted to our home quickly and has been accident free since his first few days.   He will go to the door to let us know if he needs to go out.
The best parts about Randy are his ability to learn (he’s very smart), and that he wants to be your best friend.   He has learned sit and down, comes when he’s called and is very food motivated. He is a stunningly handsome dog with soft fur and an athletic build.  He’s still a goofy puppy and will grow into a loyal, fun companion with consistent training and a stable home.

** Adoption fee $200 **


Pit Bull Terrier
11 months