There is just so much to be said about the resilience of a dog in the face of adversity.  And Patrick is the perfect example.

He was found dragging himself off a 4 lane road and the people thought he had been hit by a car.  We brought him to the specialist and it appears he had a spinal injury at some point and if his owners had brought him in for surgery it could have corrected but unfortunately they didn’t and his condition is now permanent.
While Patrick can get around relatively well with out aid, we arranged for him to get a new set of wheels from Eddie’s Wheels.   And in typical Patrick fashion he took right off!  He can get around with out the cart, that would just be for walks, etc.
If you are looking for an absolutely lovable mush of a boy to add to your family then this might be your chance.  He adores everyone he meets and has such a wonderful personality you fall in love the moment you meet him.


2 years old