Oh my goodness!   Both Stunning and adorable are accurate words to describe this stocky little pint size Staffy Bull Terrier (about 40#).  Her beauty just radiates and her goofy and fun personality come out when you see her play.  She is a very charismatic girl for sure!  Literally everyone who meets her is fawning all over her and singing her praises.  All pretty disappointed they already have houses full of dogs.

But as life usually doesn’t give one individual all the luck in life, it played out the same way for Olivia.  You see she was born deaf.  But she doesn’t see it as any type of limitation.  As we all can agree, most who have owned dogs realize that their dogs didn’t list to them all that much anyway!   Olivia is in the process of being trained with a vibration collar.  And once she knows who is holding the collar she will run right to you when it vibrates so she will get her treat.  It works wonderfully.

Aside from her lack of hearing, Olivia is the whole package.  She is great with other dogs, ignores cats and loves everyone she meets.  And anyone who meets her can attest to her amazing personality.  Don’t miss out on this beauty!   We have the most adorable videos of her with other dogs, cats and kids but no idea how to load them here.  So if you are interested we would be happy to send them via email.

** Adoption Fee $200 **


Staffordshire Bull Terrier
2 years old