Nova is a three year old 55lbs Pitt bull mix. She originally came to us from South Carolina where she was surrendered while pregnant. She gave birth to 10 puppies while with Out of the Pits and she was an incredible mom.

When Nova first came to us, she was incredibly timid and nervous. Through these past three months she has transformed into the most lovable and social girl!  She falls in love fast and once she picks you, she loves with all of her heart!  She honestly loves human affection more than treats and toys. (Although she is a huge fan of both!)  Nova has proven to be great around male dogs and children who know how to be gentle.

Nova would do best in calm home because it appears as though she has not been exposed to much noise, car rides or strange surrounding.  However, we have been working on a great deal of exposure and she responds well as long as she has some reassurance from her person.  Nova is a VERY special dog who deserves all the love in the world.


3 years old