When Misty first arrived in foster she didn’t seem to have an off button.  This happy and bouncy pup enjoyed every moment running through the house exploring and getting into all that puppy fun.  But now that she has settled in, she really has made some great progress.  She is much calmer and she seems to be taking some time to stop and smell the roses.

Misty sleeps through the night in her crate and knows to do her business as soon as she goes outside.  She is doing very well  with her housebreaking, having occasional accidents only because of a delay in getting her outside.

She is living with another dog in her foster home and she does well with him.  At first she was a typical puppy, relentlessly trying to play with him.  But she has learned his cues that he has had enough and she now very respectful.   There is a cat in her foster home.   And while she is working very hard on the “leave it” command.   Misty and the cat seem to have an understanding and they are sometimes seen on the couch laying together.   But we would not suggest she be placed with a cat in her forever home, just on the off chance that the cat in the new home isn’t as chill as the cat in her foster home.

Misty is doing great learning new commands and she is doing great learning not to jumping like a typical pup.  She enjoys  settling in for a snuggle and she would make someone a wonderful companion!

 Born 8/26, she is small for her age and will likely mature to be a small adult (estimate 30-45#).



Pitbull mix
4-1/2 months old