Mikayla is gorgeous with such soulful eyes and gentle spirit.  She is a sweet and affectionate dog and she is stunningly pretty as well.  She came to us from Puerto Rico where she was saved off the streets after hurricane Maria.

While in Puerto Rico she was mixed with dozen’s of dogs and was great with all.  But just a few days prior to her trip to us she was attacked by another dog.  Her face was cut up pretty badly and the tip of her ear was actually bitten right off.   We would love to say that it didn’t have an effect on her view of other dogs but that wouldn’t be the case.  While she is wonderful in public around them and could likely have playdates and short term interactions with them, we feel she would likely do best in a home as the only dog so she wouldn’t always feel she had to be on guard.

Mikayla is absolutely infatuated with a little green toy.  When someone comes to greet her she will search through all of her bedding and toys to find that green toy that she is so proud of.  She will grab it and parade around with it in her mouth like she just won the prize for prettiest the toy!  Just personality, such warmth, such genuine goodness.

Mikayla is house broken and crate trained.  Super duper loving and just the sweetest natured dog you could find.

** Adoption fee $50  (A wonderful person donated $100 toward Mikayla’s fee reducing it from $150 **   



2-3 years old