Marley is a feisty and fearless little girl.  She is sweet and gentle but holds her own playing with her 95 lb foster sister.   She loves to be loved and cuddled by her people.

Marley is brilliant and extremely teachable.  She follows you constantly looking for direction.   She is crate trained and potty trained.  She prefers to potty outside but will use the papers in a pinch.

Marley will sleep a full 8 hours in her crate or in your bed.  She is playful but also loves to be curled up next to you on your couch. She is extremely attached to her big canine foster sister so she might do best in a home with another dog as she follows her and learns from her routine.  I can’t say enough about how smart and trainable she is.  She is a pleaser for sure.  She is curious about our cat but respectful of her space.  She doesn’t chase the cat or push her limits.

Marley’s mom is a pitbull (mix) and dad is unknown but we think he is on the smaller side since the pups aren’t all that big for their age.  Estimated to have been born in late March.


Pitbull mix
11 weeks old