Malcolm & Sue

** UPDATE ** Sue had surgery to correct Entropion in one eye and to have the other eye removed.  She is doing extremely well and appears to now have some vision in one eye!

We so often hear about “bonded pairs” referring to two dogs that are so attached to one another that it would be in their best interest to be placed together.  Well, never could there be a more apparent case then in the relationship between Sue and Malcolm.  This pair is just so attached to one another that the relationship and energy between the two is evident the moment that you meet them.


Malcolm is just as handsome as they come!  This sweet boy is a “mush” in every sense of the word.  Just a total ham with charisma that would put Paul Newman to shame.  He has a compact little 50# body and a wide grin that shows just what a charmer he is.  To meet him is to love him.  EVERYONE who meets him walks away with the same feeling.  If he was a human he would be one of those people who are always happy, happy, happy.   His one concern in life revolves around his best friend Sue.  You see, while Sue doesn’t seem to know that she is blind, her pal Malcolm certainly does.  And the care and love he shows her would put most people to shame.  He will follow her around or guide her with his body or sounds so she gets where she needs to be.  If she is lagging behind he gets anxious and will go repeatedly to check on her.  Malcolm’s love for Sue it so pure and sweet that there is no denying that they need to be placed in a home together.


Sue is a petite 45# with a very beautiful markings.  She is white with red merle markings, which gives her a really striking look.  While blind, she has absolutely no problem going off and exploring.  In fact, she has no idea of her disability.  She is actually pretty adventurous and fun loving.  We aren’t sure yet the cause of her blindness but she will be seeing the vet in short order to see if there is anything that can be done to gain some sight in either eye. She relies a lot on Malcolm and knows but her name and Malcolm’s name.


Both Malcolm and Sue were found as strays in South Carolina (can you imagine a blind stray dog?).  Because Sue is so carefree and Malcolm is the caretaker, the staff joked that when they became strays, perhaps Sue got away and just began wandering, and faithful Malcolm just followed her!


Malcolm and Sue are both housebroken and we know for sure that Sue is crate trained.  We don’t yet know if Malcolm enjoys a crate but we suspect that as long as the crate is next to Sue’s there wouldn’t be an issue.  Both are good with other dogs individually.  Although we don’t know if Malcolm would feel the need to protect Sue from another dog’s rough housing since he seems to take his care for her to heart.  They both tested well with kitties so a home with a dog savvy cat wouldn’t be out of the question.


Sue can maneuver up and down a few stairs without issue, as certainly once she has the lay of the land at her new home she may be able to do more, but ideally a home with only a few stairs in and out would be ideal.  They both ride very well in a car.  We just know that this pair would be the highlight of someone’s life.


Here is an email that we received from the wonderful person who served as their Overnight Host while traveling to us from the shelter in South Carolina.  It gives a good insight into the pair:


“I was SO excited to have them overnight!!  I just loved them & truthfully had a hard time letting them go. They were the best!  Sue curled up on the hard tile floor until I picked her up & put her in the crate.  She didn’t know to go in it.   She does great on the leash.  Sue relies a lot on sound and I used my voice a lot so she knew what was going on.  She attempted stairs & did really well, but past two steps going down she was too scared.  She did walk up two steps really good following Malcolm.  I always had Malcolm in the front.  She follows his lead.  He also is very concerned with her.  When she didn’t follow him down the stairs he went back 4 times to make sure she was coming. I was trying to coax her down until I just picked her up because Malcolm was anxious for her to come.


They played in the backyard like nuts!   Malcolm had a toy that squeaked.  He loved it.  He squeaked it & she knew where to go.


They were such a pleasure to have them overnight. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving these underdogs a chance together that no one else would. Their bond is so strong & Sue needs him. He needs her too. He is her protector.  I know you will find an excellent home for them together. I love them both & my heart goes out to Sue but with Malcolm by her side, I know she will be fine and he will keep her safe.”



Male & Female
Pitbull (mix)
2 years old