Sue is a sweet and beautiful dog.  She is a petite 45# with a very pretty red merle and white coloring which gives her a really striking look.  When Sue arrived we were told she was blind.  But a trip to the vet determined that while she lacked all sight in one eye, she had some sight in the other.  However, she suffered from entropion in the other eye.  This is a condition in which a portion of the eyelid is inverted or folded inward and this can cause an eyelash or hair to irritate and scratch the surface of the eye.  It was causing her such discomfort that she could barely open the good eye.  So of course we immediately had surgery to correct the problem and she is now pain free and also has some limited sight!

Sue arrived to us along with her canine buddy Malcolm.  But we found that Malcolm wasn’t always as nice to her as he should have been.  So despite her love of having a canine companion we felt it was better to separate them.  We would love for Sue to have a canine buddy in her new home.  A doggy friend to give Sue the confidence and companionship that she truly needs.  A friendly and outgoing male dog would be just ideal.  Cats in the home would be just fine too!  She is great with them, in fact she completely ignores them!

Sue honestly has no idea that she has any disability.  Once she gets used to her surroundings she gets around just fine.  Because of her lack of sight she tends to get startled by loud or unusual noises so a home without children would be ideal.  Sue is lovely with everyone but we don’t want her to suffer unnecessarily by constant startling.  If we were to design the perfect home for Sue it would be a quiet couple or single person with a friendly male dog and a fenced yard.  We would LOVE for her new home have a fenced yard.  She absolutely loves being outside running around!

Sue’s previous foster mom said that Sue is extremely smart, she loves running and playing in the snow and that she absolutely loves being outside.    She walks well on leash, and is very loving and gentle.

Sue is house broken and crate trained.  In the house she just hangs out where ever her people are.  She will go in crate if you leave the door open otherwise will lay on her bed in living room.   Sue has never even tried to get on the furniture, she has no idea what she is missing.   Her favorite things are treats, her fleece blanket and family breakfast time.

Because of Sue’s limited sight and likely a very sparse upbringing, she doesn’t know how to play with toys.   But she enjoys sleeping with them surrounding her.  When Malcolm was in the picture he would run around with a squeaky toy and when he squeaked it she would chase after him.  It was wonderful to see them play, and we have hopes that she will have the same confidence and lively play in a home with a new doggy pal.  It is what we all so desperately want for this sweet girl.

Sue has bonded with a female dog at our kennel named Greta.  It is a great pairing because Greta is a bit shy.  But the 2 of them together is a sight to behold.  Greta helps Sue navigate the world and Sue gives Greta the confidence she needs.  We would love to place them together in a home with a fenced yard (and no kitties since Greta isn’t a fan).  With Sue’s adoption fee paid we would waive the fee for Greta for the right home!




Catahoula mix
3 years old