Mae – Adoption Pending!

Born on 10/15, sweet little Mae is fun and energetic with a very sweet disposition.  She was adopted as a puppy but her adoptive mom had a change in her work schedule and she realizes she simply can’t give Mae the attention and exercise a young puppy needs.
Mae loves, loves, loves people and she gets excited when people come over to see her.   She has completed puppy obedience and knows sit, down, wait, backup, she will fetch a ball in the house and return it.  She loves this game we played it a lot when we were stuck in the house this winter.  She’s a super fast learner and will do anything for a treat.
She lives with our older dog Roscoe who is a mixed breed about 15 lbs.  She is now in a foster home with a male pitbull and she is super appropriate with him.  Just having a ball!  She’s never been around a cat but she is likely young enough to get used to a kitty in a new home.  Mae rarely barks and when she does it a quiet bark, Roscoe barks louder than she does.  But she snores and it is super adorable.   She spends her days crated, from 8-12 and again from about 12:30 to 3:45.  She does not spend the night in the crate when I shut off all the lights she knows it time to sleep.  Ideally her new home would have a bit more time to spend with her during the day.  She’s 99.99% house trained (a rare accident is common at just over 5 months old).  Adopting a pup this age is genius as it comes with the benefits of being housebroken and crate trained but still lots of energy and fun.


Pitbull / Border Collie mix
5-6 months old