King is a whole lot of sweet and gentle in that big boy body.   In fact, we think he would do well with a first time dog owner.  At between 6-7 years old he has lived with his housemate Nena for the past 5 years, so in an ideal world their forever home would have them together.  To be honest, often 2 dogs are easier than one.  And in this case since they absolutely adore one another than it would be a very easy transition.  However, we would consider separating them, but the new home must have a female dog since he absolutely loves the company.

King is housebroken and a ‘no muss no fuss’ kind of easy keeper dog.  He doesn’t need crating when left alone and since he isn’t a young pup his energy level is wonderful.  He enjoys his walks but doesn’t drive you crazy with a constant need to play or exercise.  He is pretty much the perfect match for most people!

** Adoption fee $100 – But if King and Nena are adopted together a wonderful person has donated the other half of the adoption fee so the total fee for both dogs would be just $100 **


Pit Bull Terrier Mix
6-7 years