This gorgeous blue and white pup arrived after having been hit by a car.  He is mended and looking for his new family.

King is perfect in almost every way.  He is living with multiple dogs of all sizes and even lives with cats!  He also lives with small children and is great with them.  However, he has a very strong natural drive and when he sees something move fast he is all over it.  For that reason we won’t place King with small children.  He would do great with someone looking for a canine companion for dog sports like agility, disk, tracking or just having a job to do.

Don’t misunderstand, King isn’t high energy.  We could bore you with photos of him lounging on his foster dad’s chest.  But he will need someone who understands harnessing and using his natural instincts and give them a productive outlet.

His ideal home with have no young children, because after all, what moves faster from a standstill than a kid?  And adult home with a female dog and maybe a cat would be right up his alley.  King is housebroken and crate trained.  His foster mom just loves him.

His foster mom says:   “King is a snuggle bug like no other! It doesn’t matter to him who he gets to snuggle with.  Human Foster mom/dad, little kids or even the foster dogs/cats of the house.  He is a pretty quiet guy only barking at unknown noises.”

** Adoption fee $200 **


7 Months