King Louie

King Louie was born 9/24/2014.  His mom was the lovely Thelma and he and his litter mates were born and raised with one of our amazing fosters.  So he has had the best of all things since he was born.   He was adopted into a great home, but one of the people in the house has discovered he is allergic and King Louie now needs to find a few family.

The adopter of Louie’s brother had a DNA test done years ago and found that they are quite the mix.  Mom is a Boxer/German Short Hair pointer mix.  Dad was a Wire haired terrier with a small amount of Jindo.  The combination made for some super cute dogs with fuzzy faces and winning personalities!

At 3 years old and approximately 70 pounds, King Louie is a big ham!  He is up-to-date on all shots, neutered and in excellent health.   He is very lovable and would make a great family dog.   Louie enjoys the company of other dogs and children, but not suited for a family with cats or small animals.  He has always been great with the small child who lives in the same house.

Louie will follow his owner around and doesn’t leave his side if he is sick, he is just great company.  He is house trained, sleeps in a crate during work hours, but otherwise roams freely and sleeps through the night out of the crate. He loves his Milk Bone and marrow bone treats and likes his rawhide bones.  He likes to play tug of war and wrestles with the owner’s mom’s dog (40 pound dog) when they visit each other.  He has an underbite that gives him character (it is his signature characteristic) but doesn’t keep him from eating!!!

Louie loves to be with people and will jump when he first sees you if he is excited. He will answer to King Louie, Louie, Louis and La-La.


Boxer/Wire haired Terrier/GSP
3 Years old