Hi my name is Juliet.   I am a three and a half year old, 58 pound love bug.

The first few years of my life weren’t the best and when my foster mom found me I was abandoned in the backyard with another dog ….. and I had injuries from having been hit by a car.  But since then my life has been a lot better!   My rescuers gave me so much love and attention and I even had surgery to fix my injured leg!

In return I am very well behaved!  I am house and crate trained and super mild mannered.  Oh, and did I tell you that I love every one I meet?  Well it’s true!  There are no strangers in my life, everyone is a friend.

I am very interested in cats and if they run I will chase them.   So a kitty free house is probably the best for me.   But I have lived very happily with other dogs and if my new family has a doggy brother for me that would be just awesome!  If not that is ok too, I would be happy either way.

As you can tell by looking at me I enjoy and good meal and could spend my day just laying around being a couch potato.   But I would also enjoy being your walking partner or playmate if you prefer, I’m a pretty ‘go with the flow’ kind of girl!

My foster mom said I was pretty neat because I have specific barks for when I’m hungry and for when I want to go outside and potty.  I guess I must be a smart girl!   In typical female fashion I love to sunbathe while outside, so you could call me Juliet the Sun Goddess if you prefer.   Oh heck, just kidding, as long as you don’t call me late for dinner I will be happy!

I just know I am destined to make some wonderful family happy….could it be yours?


3-4 years old