Judith – Adoption pending!

Hug me, squeeze me!   I dare you to not want to give this lovely charcoal grey beauty hugs and loving when you see her!   Judith has never met a stranger and she’s a terrific net-worker who quickly introduces herself to everyone and makes fast friends.  Even when a large crowd of youth volunteers swarmed all around her,  still she smiled and took in all the fun energy from the kids.

Judith is so friendly with other dogs that she has been used as the dog tester dog when the shelter team is evaluating new arrivals.   Judith is also good with cats!!!

She has been described as kind, easy going, and low energy, just a wonderfully easy dog.  She recently attended an outreach event and her handlers raved about how wonderful she was while crowds were around her and many other dogs passed by.

If Judith sounds too good to be true, well, try her out and see for yourself.  This beautiful girl combines gorgeous looks and a stellar personality, she’s the total package!


4-5 years old