Happy happy bounce bounce, happy bounce, happy bounce.  Picture a 33 pound, wide grinned, full body wagging ball of energy.  When you meet Jill this is what you see.   We seriously think the best way to describe her personality is “Let the good times roll!”

Jill is just such an happy and energetic little girl that she bounces around and to be honest, most people don’t know how to respond to that.  Rightfully so, a pup that could replace the energizer bunny isn’t for everyone!  But it is certainly what an active person would be looking for in order to have a great running, hiking or overall sport companion.  Jill would absolutely thrive and be in her glory with such a home!

And don’t misunderstand, she can certainly relax at the end of the day and join you on the couch to binge some Netflix.  In fact we are pretty certain that she would love to curl up on your lap for some cozy winter snuggling.  But her ideal home would understand the importance of regular exercise for a young fun girl like Jill.

The beauty of Jill, aside from the fact that she is just super adorable, is her tiny size.  She is only about 33 pounds which makes for great portable companion.  And to think that you might just have a pitbull that doesn’t take up half the couch, bed and chair.  What a novelty!

Jill is housebroken and crate trained, she rides great in the car and she is pretty easy on leash.  She is good with most dogs although with her energy other dogs don’t always understand that her bouncy, barky, waggy behavior is just excitement.  We do believe that she would be too much for cats however.

So if you are looking for a fun little exercise buddy who will stop everyone in their tracks with her awesome pittie smile, happy whole body wiggle and zest for life then you may have found your perfect match.

You can’t but help smile when you see this sleek white pocket pit!  She’s GREAT!

** Adoption fee $100 **


2 years old