Oh, My, Goodness!   Tiny little pocket pittie alert!   At only 33 pounds she is super adorable.   And the best way to describe her personality is “Let the good times roll!”

Jill is our pick for Best Self Entertainer!  She knows how to have a good time and nothing would please her more than for everyone to join in her fun.   She quickly catches your eye with her sweet smile and jiggling hips!   The only way to describe it is a full body wag!

Jill is a little pistol who loves to go and she would do great with an active family who wants a dog to join in the fun.  She has been great with the other dogs she has met but would do best with a male dog who is enjoys an energetic playmate.    She is very playful and interactive,  loving and affectionate.   Jill is the type of dog people will want to swarm around and shower with attention.

You can’t but help smile when you see this sleek white pocket pit!  She’s GREAT!


2 years old