If anyone deserves a chance at a great home it is Hugo.  This poor boy has been through so much.  His owner passed away and he was given to someone.  Hugo apparently got loose and was hit by a car.  The police said they’d never seen so much blood.  Apparently when he was hit his paw got stuck in the rim of the car and it ripped his paw right off.  He is just a few days post surgery and is so confused about what is happening to him.  But despite that he is an absolute gem!  Loves giving kisses and loves everyone he meets.

Hugo is a big hunk. His coloring is a blue/fawn brindle, super handsome!  He loves belly rubs and being close to his people.  He loves going for rides and is an excellent co pilot!   Hugo can’t wait to get in the car, and once he gets in he is happy to lay down and take a snooze.  He is good in a crate and is housebroken (no accidents in the house).  He loves lounging on the couch, and laying outside in the sun.  And squeaky toys….oh how he loves his squeaky toys!

Even missing his front paw, Hugo still gets around incredibly well.  He weighs in at 84 pounds so he is no small boy.  But he is a marshmellow with a heart of gold.  He would love a nice calm home to spend his days getting spoiled like he should have all along.  Given that he is only a few days out of surgery we haven’t dog or cat tested him, although we have been told he is dog friendly.


6-7 Years old