If anyone deserves a loving home it is this handsome hunk.  He came to our rescue after not just being hit by a car, but his foot was caught in the rim, ripping it clear off.  Upon arrival he had surgery and he is just as happy as a clam now, just less one foot.  This is what his foster mom has to say about him:
Hugo is a big love bug who loves to cuddle, chew on his toys, and generally just chill.  He is very attentive and calm/submissive.
His stamina is good but somewhat limited by his abbreviated leg.  He gets around just fine, but cannot do long walks.  On-leash, he is very strong and will pull when he sees something that interests him (of course this could be corrected by using a gentle learder harness).  He moves best when he is off-leash in a fenced yard, able to move freely at his own pace without being restrained in his loping speed by the leash.  He handles the porch steps (3 or 4) without hesitation or difficulty;  We have not had him try the stairs to the second floor as yet.  He also has no difficulty getting on the couch :).
He enjoys cuddling with his human, and will play with toys when they are presented to him.  We are working on the “release” command as he likes to hang onto his toys.  He is very content just to be comfortably laying in whatever room his human is in while they are going about their chores or on computer, etc.  He enjoys sitting in the sun outdoors on the porch or in the yard.  He voluntarily spends some time in his crate.  I am able to leave him loose in the house during the work day without incident.  He is alert in the house and will briefly and moderately bark at people and animals he sees out the windows.   It isn’t frantic or anything more than most dogs, just watchful.
He is very housebroken and has never had an accident in the house.  He is polite and calm when being fed.  I have easily pilled him when he was getting meds.  He has no issues with my hands in his food bowl while eating, or with me handling his ears and paws.  I have not tried a nail trim.
He is a good boy in the car, loves to ride, but does get excited if he sees another dog (or horse) from the car.  Otherwise he is quiet and stays in the back seat and is no distraction to driving.
His diet will need to be moderate as he is generally sedentary, and especially as his activity is limited by his tripod status; maintenance of his weight will be important to prevent unnecessary stress on his joints.  At this time he is fed 1 cup of joint-support of kibble twice a day.  He seems quite comfortable with these amounts and his weight is stable.
I feel he would do well as an only dog in a stable household with an average work schedule. He is a very stable, sweet, loyal soul who would do well with a similar human ♡.


6-7 Years old