Hazel & Jada – Adoption pending!

Hazel and Jada are a bonded pair who are never far from each other’s side.   They adore one another and we will only consider a home in which they can be adopted together.
Hazel is thought to be about 7-8 years old and she is mom to Jada who is 4 years old.  Hazel has already been spayed and Jada has an appointment to be spayed the first week of November.  Both are up to date on all vaccinations and are fully vetted.
The girls are both crate trained and house broken.  While they have always been crated when left alone they would likely do well when left alone outside of a crate once settled into their new home.
They love to snuggle with both humans and each other.  At the end of the day they love to cuddle with you in front of the TV, requesting belly rubs and will quietly whine to remind you to keep petting.  And when it is bedtime they like to crawl under the blankets to snuggle in bed if you let them.
Hazel and Jada play very well together.  When playing with toys, or chewing on bones/kongs, they often switch half-way through… sharing better than any other pair of dogs I have seen. T hey even willing allow the other to take toys or antlers out of their mouths.  On the rare occasion that one does not want to share, she will give a quick grumble and the other dog immediately backs off.
The girls recently went into a foster home and despite their new environment both girls have done wonderfully.  They are adored by their foster family.  Their foster parents have noticed they are both quick learners, who respond well to motivation with treats. They really enjoy playing ball in the back yard and are happy to take turns chasing and chewing chuck-it balls.

Hazel and Jada would love to find a home who is looking for the love of a bonded pair.  We have determined that it would have to be a home with no cats as they showed far too much interest to safely be placed with kitties.


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